WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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i-Liquid started over 3 years ago with the idea of bringing a premium e-liquid to main stream consumers at a low price point. We want our customers to enjoy their vaping experience with our best selling flavors without breaking their wallets. We want to help people of all ages to quit smoking cigarettes and show them a healthier alternative.


Why I-Liquid?

I-Liquid International was formed by 3 industry leaders with the goal in mind to offer exceptional value without sacrificing quality or flavor. We started with an extensive beta testing program to ensure that each profile was formulated just right. Then we implemented a mandatory 30-day aging process that allows the product to develop. Assuring the best quality product at the best possible price is our goal and we are proud of the results! So try a bottle today and see what all the hype is about!

FAQ’s for i-Liquid

What is E-liquid? What is in E-Liquid?

E-liquid (e-juice, vape juice) is the liquid that vapers use in their vapor products to create the mist that simulates the act of smoking.

E-liquid or e-juice is made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and flavorings. It can also contain nicotine and is available in different strengths, ranging from 24mg all the way down to 0mg.

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

Products that contain nicotine cannot be called 100% safe, but evidence from many scientific studies that suggested that vaping is magnitudes safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Harm reduction experts have shown research that supports making the switch to vaping can reduce a person’s health risks to less than one percent of smoking tobacco cigarettes. It has been proposed that using e-cigarettes or vaping is a lower-risk alternative to smoking.

Can I Quit Smoking If I Vape?

Those who have tried vaping and have not felt the need to smoke a tobacco cigarette since their first vape, consider themselves having quit smoking. Because e-liquids contain different amounts of nicotine, many people who have switched to vaping have the ability to “step down” in the amount of nicotine that they vape over time.

When a person first starts vaping, it is normally suggested to go with an e-juice that contains a higher amount of nicotine, over time vapers will switch to lower amounts of nicotine and some have gone all the way down to 0mg e-liquid, which contains no nicotine.

It differs from person to person, but there are many success stories nowadays where people have stated that they successfully quit smoking by being able to step down in their nicotine due to the flexibility that vaping allows.

Will Vaping Save Me Money?

Yes it can. But it will depend on a few factors like where you live and how much tobacco cigarettes cost in your area. It is also based on how much you spend on devices, as for many vaping turns into a hobby and many vapers enjoying collecting e-cigarette devices.

But with the right vape starter kit and a mind set on saving you can definitely save a significant amount of money when you make the switch to vaping.

Does Vaping Taste the Same as Smoking a Tobacco Cigarette?

The short answer is no, as vaping and smoking are two very different things. But if you get the right starter kit, a setup that has a mouth to lung delivery (what you are used to from smoking), purchase the right PG/VG e-liquid ratio it can mimic the action of smoking to a satisfying degree. It does not taste like a tobacco cigarette, but it does come very close for many who have made the switch.

What is TC or Temperature Controlled Vaping?

Temperature controlled vaping is when a vapor has the ability to set the temperature of their atomizer coil to their preferences. Much like the cruise control function in a car where your vehicle will stay at the same speed going up or downhill, when a the temperature of the atomizer coil is set it will not change during use.

Only devices that have temperature-sensing settings can be used for temperature-controlled vaping and must be used with wires that allow for TC like pure Nickel Ni200 or Titanium. Some devices now also have the ability to use Stainless Steel wires for TC vaping.

What is the best starter kit or vape brand?

There are many different brands and types of starter kits available now that narrowing it down to one brand is a difficult task. The best starter kit or brand that is the best would be the one that is suited to your exact needs.

Take a look at the many different brands. Ask your questions and do your research and soon you’ll find the perfect vape starter kit suited to your needs.

What strength e-liquid do I need?

Nicotine strength is based on personal preference and the best way to find out what strength best suits you is to try different strengths first. But if you are just starting out, coming straight from smoking a stronger nicotine concentration is usually suggested at around 24mg to 16mg using devices like an INFERNO e-cigarette or other low powered type of vaporizer.

As you grow more accustomed to vaping and you figure out if you like big clouds of vapor over throat hit or vice versa, it will dictate the strength that you need. For example, those who prefer bigger clouds from their devices tend to go with lower nicotine levels like 3mg (being the most popular). Whereas those who enjoy their throat hit will stick to an e-juice that contains a higher level of nicotine like 6mg or higher.

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